5 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram in 2020

Nowadays, Instagram has become so popular that it has overtaken all other social networking platforms. It is taking the world by storm as people use Instagram more than other social networking sites. Not only casually, but people started using Instagram for their business purposes as well. It has over a million users now. It has enabled all the brands and businesses to reach out to many of their clients and customers simply by uploading a picture showing their work. Using Instagram is so simple that anyone can upload an image and add text to their picture. Most people love using this application because it looks attractive. There are a lot of amazing features that Instagram provides its users which makes it more incredible than all other applications. It includes video editing features, GIFs, IGTV videos, and many more.

Here, in the following article, we will share with you some of our favorite video editing apps through which you can edit your videos and make it more lively and attractive in your Instagram community.



Horizon is a simplified and foolproof video editing application that allows its users to convert vertical videos on their screen to display in horizontal videos. Many users of the Instagram application, in a rush, record their videos of life events and other cool things in a vertical manner. Well, it may be fine for some people. But, others highly prefer to record their video in a proper horizontal manner. And this Horizon video editing application does exactly that for its users. Along with this, this application enables its users to record 2k horizontal videos, offers eight wonderful filters, and 60 or 120 fps slow motion support. This smartphone video editing app is available for both iOS and Android devices users. It comes with many additional features for the users of the iOS version.


Boomerang is another video editing application available to Android and iOS devices users. It’s a free app and is used by a lot of people. It has become quite famous among its users. Boomerang allows its users to make their own videos and GIFs engaging their own content into it. Users can create their videos using their images and Boomerang allows the users to make quick high-quality loop videos. Now, Boomerang comes with Instagram itself, but you can use this amazing video editing application as a separate editing app for other platforms.

Quik By GoPro

The Quik video editing application is created by GoPro for the users of Android and iOS devices. The main feature that highlights this app is how easy-to-use it is and you can create quick stunning videos with its amazing effects and music from your picture and music library. This application offers a variety of themes with transitions and graphics for any occasion to its Android and iOS device users. This application enables you to customize your videos and you can pick your own soundtrack.

Anchor Video Maker

Anchor is one of the best video editing applications for Instagram. This application enables its users to record the audio, trim their clips that they want to share on Instagram. This amazing application allows its users to transform their audio clips into animated videos. This application is designed for users of Android and iOS devices. This is a must-have app for users who love to make fun videos.


Foodie application takes your Instagram food pictures to the next level. This video editing application is specially designed for the people who seem dissatisfied with the quality of their food pictures. This application will enable its users to take better pictures of their food. Because what else is food for if you are not taking a perfect picture of your food to post it. This is more of a food-centric app, and this application enables users to create videos for duration of up to 60 seconds in length.

So, these are some of the great video editing applications by which you can make your videos and pictures a lot better. All these applications are essential for the people who love to capture their every moment and want to share them with their friends. Go now and check out these wonderful video editing applications on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Source: https://setupost.com/5-best-video-editing-apps-for-instagram-in-2020/

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