Adobe Adds Two New Photoshop Features on iPad

Recently, Adobe has added two fantastic new features on Photoshop on the iPad. With its latest update, users will now have access to the Refine Edge Brush when they use Photoshop on the iPad. Also, you can now rotate your canvas on the iPad using their fingers just like you do on the phone.

The first feature is available on the desktop edition of Photoshop, and in the second one, people just use the touchpad provided by the iPad. The addition of these two features has made using Photoshop on the iPad more productive and comfortable.

The Adobe Blog recently posted a blog by Pam Clark, where she explains these new features of Photoshop on the iPad. The first feature, which is the Refine Edge Brush, is not a new feature as has been there in the desktop version of Photoshop, though it is unique for the iPad. Using the Refine Edge Brush, you can smooth and refine the edges of any object in the image. There are other tools available within the app to do this but Refine Edge Brush helps mainly by working on minute objects like fur, or hair, etc. that have an illustrated outline.

Adobe claims that using this tool, you can clarify the edges of minute and tricky parts of the images quickly. It also says, using this tool, the quality of images can be so much amplified that no other app available on the iPad will be able to do it.

The next feature is the function to rotate the canvas. Now you can turn your canvas of Photoshop app by using your fingers in a turning gesture. You can use your fingers to zoom in and zoom out as well. The rotations will be possible at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°. Also, keep in mind that rotation is not permanent; if you don’t save it, that means if you reopen the image, the canvas will appear at 0° only. You can adjust this feature through the settings menu of the app.

The Photoshop app on iPad is improving a lot as compared to when it was first launched. During the initial release of the app on the iPad, users were unhappy with the missing features. But Adobe did promise that it will revamp the app with time and has kept its word by updating the app and adding several fresh features. We cannot say that it is just like the desktop version, but yes, it is improving day by day to get to that stage.

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Source: Adobe Adds Two New Photoshop Features on iPad

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