Best Apps for Creating Boomerangs on iOS and Android

Boomerangs have gradually become the new “cool” of social media. GIFs, pictures and short clips are the latest trends to keep everyone updated about what’s happening in your life. Boomerangs are short video clips where the clip tends to loop after a few seconds. You need not be proficient in video making or editing for using these apps. Here we’re listing down some of the best apps for creating these boomerangs in your smartphone.

Boomerang from Instagram

Most of us are already familiar with using the boomerang feature of Instagram. In response to the immense popularity, Instagram launched a separate app dedicated to these boomerangs. It’s incredible features make it one of the most popular apps for making boomerangs. The app makes beautiful short-clips that circle back and forth and are perfect for social media uploads. The main idea of this app was to let users directly make use of the boomerang feature without needing to open the camera of Instagram. As the app is created by a renowned and much-celebrated team of web developers, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Motion Stills

The Google Research Team has worked meticulously on this app to provide a minimalistic and easy-to-use experience, putting it among the top apps for creating boomerangs. This app may not be rated as high as the previous one, but what sets it apart is the set of unique and well-done features. It is a camera app that offers many enticing features, one of which is the boomerang. With this app, you can also create some tremendous slow-motion clips, hyper-lapse, GIFs and much more. You also have the option to combine short clips and make a movie out of them.

Loop Video

You may recall this app as the go-to-app for making GIFs. But the app also offers some great functionality when it comes to making boomerangs. You can record a short video (max 15 seconds) and then apply a loop to make it a boomerang. Capture the precious moments of joy and humor with this app and then save the short clips or boomerangs in your phone’s local storage. The output of this app is short in size, making it a fantastic choice for creating boomerangs to be uploaded on social media.


Why is everyone talking about Boomerate so much? What’s so special about this app that sets it apart? Well, the app has the ability to transform your usual clips and day-to-day moments into something fun and enjoyable. This is why everyone likes the app. Unlike few others on the list, Boomerate is an app specifically designed to make boomerangs. This app makes the task of making boomerangs quite handy. It offers features like changing the FPS, predefining the length of the video clips, as well as making the videos fast or slow. You can also control the number of repetitions in your loop. The user interface and the great functionality of the app make it a favorite choice for a vast amount of users.

All of the apps mentioned above are worth a try. You can find them on both platforms, iOS, and Android. Capture the small moments of life and turn them into cute little boomerangs that will never fail to make you happy.

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Source: Apps for Creating Boomerangs

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